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Wedding Favor Display (12 Creative Ways to Explore)

Weddings are a magical time for you and your significant other as well as your guests. There has been a lot of planning leading up to your special day. All of the planning has not only been so that the day runs smoothly for you, but also to create a special atmosphere for your guests.

You want to ensure they see your wedding vision and all the work that went into it! A part of creating that vision for you and your guests is the placement of the wedding favors.

Figuring out where to place these favors doesn’t have to be tricky! In fact, with a little bit of creative and artistic inspiration, these displays can be quite impressive!

Below are some of these ideas on where to display and how to display wedding favors!

1 – Attaching to the Guests Chairs

Attaching a wedding favor to the guests’ chairs ensures everyone gets their favor.

To achieve a beautiful and streamlined look for this choice of wedding favor display, it is best to use a drawstring bag. These drawstring wedding favor bags keep the contents intact and the strings can be lightly tied to the chair.

An even better way to attach the favor to the chair is to drape the drawstring string to the corner (or the ear) of the chair.

Using a color that accentuates the wedding colors will help the favors to really complement the dining area and the decorations around it!

2 – Dining Placement

If you’re looking at how to display wedding favors on tables, this would be the most straightforward way.

The dining tables in a wedding reception room are gorgeous and chic! That much is true.

To further this look, placing the wedding favors at each table setting next to the utensils is a great option. Each table will be tied together perfectly with the favors in these placements.

Putting them next to the utensils keeps them beautifully displayed while keeping the table setting from looking too cluttered. This is perfect for wedding favors that are small like mints or favors in small gift bags.

3 – Incorporate the Favors into the Centerpieces

Centerpieces are the true star of any dining table at a wedding reception. These centerpieces have your true vision in them and show off your wedding colors, theme, and style!

While these pieces are gorgeous all on their own, a really creative idea is to incorporate your wedding favors into the centerpieces.

To really pump up this type of display, place each favor in a circular formation around the centerpieces, facing the favors to each table setting. It will make the centerpiece look even more impressive and make it engaging for the guests as well!

4 – Center Centerpieces Out of Wedding Favors

When deciding where to place wedding favors, perhaps one of the most innovative ways to do this is to make them into a centerpiece!

While incorporating the favors into an already existing centerpiece is nice, making the favors the star of the table is even better!

An example of the best way to do this is to use wedding favors such as edible favors like candy pieces, cake pops, etc.

Place the candy pieces on a popsicle stick or cake pop stick (if the favor is a cake pop, then you’ve already got the stick!) and then push the bottom of the stick into a circular piece of Styrofoam or Styrofoam block.

This creates a profound display that resembles a bouquet of flowers, except with candy!

5 – Distribute the Favors

Another option for how to give out wedding favors is to hand them to the guests as they enter.

The wedding reception location generally has a lobby prior to guests entering where the dining tables are. They also may have a guest book to sign as well.

Having the flower girl or ring bearer (or another family member) hand out the favors as guests enter is a chic way on how to distribute wedding favors.

The guests can interact with someone from the wedding or family as they receive their wonderful favors!

6 – Place Favors in Woven Baskets

A guest book is a meeting place for all the guests. They’ll come to the reception and make their way to the book to sign their sentiments for you and your significant other.

Having the wedding favors in woven baskets next to the book ensures the guests will see them. Placing a sign next to the favors will also be dominant among the guest book table. Each guest can pick up their favor and head into the dining area.

If you’ve been wondering where to place wedding favors regardless of your overall arrangement, then woven baskets are a prime choice because they are neutral. No matter what the theme is of the wedding or the colors, the woven basket will fit right in!

7 – Have a Wedding Favor Table

Most reception areas have doors or even double doors leading into the dining or dancing area. This is an exceptional spot to have an entire table dedicated to the wedding favors.

The table cloth can be matched to the wedding theme colors and the favors can be stacked in various ways to not only look stunning but streamlined as well.

One of the most dramatic and beautiful looks for favors on their own table is to later the favors. If they’re flat favors, they will be easy to layer like a deck of cards one on top of another.

If favors are in gift bags or other forms of packaging, lining them up in straight rows will be effective as well.

One of the greatest reasons to have a wedding favor table is this table can be customized with signs or floral centerpieces to really give it flare!

8 – Use the Favors to Line the Wedding Aisle

Baskets are a great choice for storing wedding favors as they really can fit a lot and tie in well with any wedding. Decorating the baskets can be a lot of fun and really incorporate them into the wedding decoration.

The wedding aisle is generally lined with florals at each seating row, but this option gives the wedding aisle another purpose!

The baskets can get decorated with ribbons, lace, florals, etc. to match the wedding theme or colors, and then the favors can be placed inside.

As the guests seat themselves in the aisles, they can take a favor. They can check out their goodies while waiting on the bride and groom.

9 – Create the Illusion of a Wedding Cake

One of the greatest options on this list of wedding favor display ideas is fashioning the favors to resemble a wedding cake!

This quirky option is not only appealing to the eye but will be the talk of the reception! This can be achieved by using a wedding favor table by the entrance to the reception area again and placing the favors in a circular formation.

An easy way to create this dramatic look is to use a cake tier platform or a cupcake stand. This tiered tower allows the favors to be placed in the circular formation, creating a wedding cake look.

The addition of accents like lace or ribbon can really increase the look as well!

10 – Pass Out Favors at the End

As guests leave the wedding event, passing out the favors is a great option as well!

It is now customary for the hosts of the wedding (family of the bride and groom included) to thank the guests for attending and making the wedding a memorable one. Thanking each guest in person provides the conclusion of the wedding event with a more personal touch!

It’s the ideal time if you were thinking of when to give out wedding favors. The hosts can talk to each guest as they leave and make sure everyone gets their favors.

A young family member is a perfect choice for this, just as using them if giving the favors as they enter.

11 – Bride and Groom Distributing the Favors

After the wedding ceremony, right before heading to the reception area, it is a perfect opportunity for guests to get their wedding favors.

The bride and groom can hand the favors out as guests trickle out of the marriage ceremony. The new couple can thank the guests for attending and express their excitement in seeing them at the reception!

This is especially a great idea if the wedding favors are something more involved as the bride and groom will enjoy seeing the guests’ faces as they give them the favors.

Truly unique favors like drinks or tea wedding favors which contain an array of colors and thus highly attractive, would be perfect gift items for the bride and groom themselves to hand to the guests.

12 – Attach the Favors to the Table Seating Cards

Almost all weddings have a small table with the table seating cards with the guests’ names on them. These cards (source) are to let the guests know which table to sit at in the reception area.

Attaching the wedding favors to these cards is a great way to ensure every guest gets their favors.

This can be done by taping to the cards or punching a hole in the cards and using twine or string! It will create a really pretty look to the table cards and give them more purpose other than just telling guests which table they are to sit at!

Depending on your wedding theme and deco design, one of the ideas above on how to display wedding favors should set up your favor placement nicely.

(In the event that your wedding favor selection isn’t finalized yet, you may be interested to check out our in-depth guide on tea wedding favors where we take you through all the different types of tea and tea-related favors.)

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