bachelorette party vs bachelor party

Bachelor vs. Bachelorette Party (19 Things You Need to Know)

When wedding bells are ringing, there are a few different parties to throw, specifically bachelor and bachelorette parties! But what is the key difference between these parties?

While they may sound similar, there are obvious differences between the two. Specifically, a bachelor party is for the groom to celebrate his last days of freedom and a bachelorette party (or hen night in some cultures) is for the bride to celebrate with her closest friends her last days of being a single woman.

Bachelor Party

bachelor party vs bachelorette party

1. What Is a Bachelor Party & Why Have One?

Getting married has all sorts of perks, but so do the parties that preface the wedding!

The bachelor party has been part of history since supposedly the 5th century! That is an incredibly long time that men have been gathering to celebrate a groom’s last days as a single man.

The bachelor party serves as a means to get together with some of the groom’s friends and wedding party attendees for a night of sheer fun!

The main reason to have a bachelor party is not only because of long-time tradition but to really give the groom a chance to shine.

The bride gets so much of the wedding attention (as she should!), but rarely is there a moment dedicated just to the groom. This party helps to give the groom his moment in the limelight too!

It truly is a night to share past memories and party it up with his best buddies before officially tying the knot!

2. When to Throw a Bachelor Party?

The best time to hold the bachelor party is approximately a month before the wedding date.

Having it any earlier defeats the purpose of it being the “last night of the groom’s freedom”. That night should ultimately be held as close to the wedding as possible.

This is also considered an appropriate time because it helps those attending the bachelor party get even more excited for the big day.

When it is held too early, the excitement can get lost in the mix.

3. Who Plans the Bachelor Party?

It is custom that the best man organizes the bachelor party. This includes making up the guest list, picking a location, figuring out the activities for the night, etc.

It is an opportunity to pick something that really would be a lot of fun for the groom and those attending.

4. Who Pays for the Bachelor Party?

When it comes to the big question of, “Who pays for the party?”, the answer is pretty clear cut. While the best man is doing a lot of the planning, he should confer to groomsmen (source) and the rest of those who are invited to discuss the costs.

The bachelor is not expected to pay for his own party, but it’s a good etiquette that the others attending contribute something to the overall cost. This helps to elevate the cost of being a burden on one particular person, especially the person who organizes it.

5. Who Is Usually Invited to a Bachelor Party?

Once again, it is the best man who is responsible for making the guest list. To achieve a good ratio on this list, it is recommended that he include the groomsmen and the closest male friends and family members attending the wedding from the groom’s side.

Never, ever, should someone who is not attending the wedding be invited!

The best man should feel free to ask other wedding attendees like the groomsmen or even the parents of the groom who are all being invited to the wedding so that he makes all the right choices.

6. What Happens at a Bachelor Party?

While is wide speculation about what actually happens at a bachelor party, the real bottom-line answer is that each one is truly different.

Yes, there are some with the strippers or ladies clubs involved, however, no two bachelor parties are created equal. Whatever experience the best man wants everyone to have is what happens.

Bachelor parties can be a poker night, a camping trip, a night in a log cabin, or a trip to the casino, just to name a few.

The point is, not every bachelor party has to be raunchy, but there is a chance that they will be.

The friends of the groom will ensure he gets to have the best fun possible while sharing inner circle jokes, etc. in the process. This is just a means of helping celebrate the groom on his last days of freedom.

7. How Much is Too Much for a Bachelor Party?

Ultimately, any decision someone makes is their decision. If there are strippers at the party, self-control should be practiced among the group.

Depending on the nature of the groom’s taste, having a stripper or going to a strip club can be considered too extreme for some. This is especially true considering whoever is on the guest list.

The best man wants to make sure he is choosing something that is suitable and comfortable for everyone involved.

8. What Gift to Bring to a Bachelor Party?

The best gifts to bring to a bachelor’s party are ones that can be shared by the group.

Wine, beer or other alcohol is customary. It is also acceptable to bring things specifically for the groom like a flask, beer mug, etc.

9. How Much Should a Bachelor Party Cost?

The overall cost of the party can vary due to the location, etc. This is why it is critical that the attendees participate in the expenses.

It is estimated that a bachelor party can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,200! This is due to lodging arrangements, dining arrangements, etc.

Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party vs bachelor party

10. What Is a Bachelorette Party & Why Have One?

Like the bachelor party, this event is held to celebrate the bride’s last days as a single woman. While they are similar in their descriptions, the things that take place are generally different.

The bachelorette party gathers up the bride’s absolute closest friends as well as the bridesmaids (source). The night is spent celebrating the bride and her last days as an unmarried woman.

Having this special moment really creates a strong bond between the bride and her special ladies. This is done through fun, conversation, and memory sharing!

11. When Is a Bachelorette Party Held?

Much like a bachelor party, the bachelorette party is best when thrown within a month of the wedding.

However, due to other pre-wedding parties like bridal showers, wedding showers, engagement parties, etc., it can take place up to four months before the wedding.

This gives time to have all the appropriate parties before the wedding so the most amount of fun can be had! This time frame also keeps your guests in mind and is considerate to them in not spreading out the wedding events over too large of a time frame.

Condensing these events helps make all the time closest to the wedding date seem all that more special!

For clarity, the differences between bridal shower vs wedding shower, and wedding shower vs engagement party are explained in those linked articles.

12. Who Throws the Bachelorette Party?

The bachelorette party is usually thrown by the maid of honor.

Once again, much like the best man, the maid of honor is expected to make up the guest list and find a place to host the party. This could be out of town or in-town, depending on the event that is chosen for the party.

The maid of honor can do this in conjunction with the bridesmaids as well to help make the party planning easier and more inclusive of the bridesmaids.

13. Who Pays for the Bachelorette Party?

Sharing the cost of a bachelorette party is easier for everyone involved. This includes the bridal party mostly, but can also be the guests as well.

This is purely dependent upon where the party is taking place. An in-town overnight event can be paid for by the maid of honor or bridal party.

However, an out of town event is usually paid for by the guests themselves and sometimes even the bride. This is to help split the costs of travel expenses like lodging etc.

14. Who Is Usually Invited to a Bachelorette Party?

One stark difference between bachelor party and bachelorette party is the guest list.

While the bachelor party can consist of members from the groom’s side of the family and the groomsmen, the bachelorette party is usually just the bridal party made up of the bride’s closest friends.

The bonding at these events is really special and bachelorette parties really serve as a time for the bride to feel extra close to her most cherished ladies!

15. What Happens at a Bachelorette Party?

What really makes a difference between bachelor and bachelorette parties is what occurs during the event.

While alcohol is a general similarity, bachelorette parties can have party games and be hosted at a female attendee’s house. But overall, they can happen at various locations too like bars, venues, etc.

The party games are a way to bond closer to the party-goers and the bride. These games can be a bit raunchy or completely vanilla. Either way, they serve as a way to laugh, unwind and really enjoy the brides’ last days as a single woman.

16. How Much is Too Much for Bachelorette Party?

The maid of honor (like the best man for a bachelor party) should consider everyone at the event before making any final details.

While appropriateness is a large part of looking at whether a party has become too “extreme”, it is also good to consider if the expense is too much.

Was the party over the top? This could be a matter of opinion but what really matters is whether or not the night was really special to everyone, especially the bride!

17. What Gift to Bring to a Bachelorette Party?

This is another big difference between a bachelor party and a bachelorette party.

While bringing wine is obviously acceptable and warranted, the gifts brought to a bachelorette party can be quite different than those brought to the bachelor party.

A popular gift to consider bringing is a special piece of lingerie or something similar for the bride to have on her wedding night or honeymoon! The bachelorette party is the perfect time for the bridesmaids to get intimate gifts or gifts of a more personal nature for the bride.

When you compare the gifts for a bachelorette party and a bridal shower, bridal shower gifts are typically geared towards setting up her new home while bachelorette party gifts are intimately tailored for the bride.

18. How Much Should a Bachelorette Party Cost?

The length or duration of the party sets forth the cost. Bachelorette parties are known to run from two to up to five days long!

This makes the overall cost range from $600 to up to $2000! This is for events that take place out of town usually and include a venue or overnight stay somewhere.

Obviously, the upper limit of this range could go even higher depending on the party venue, length of the event, and the other associated costs.

This is, once again, why it is critical to make sure the cost of the party is shared so it is not overbearing on one person.

You may already ideas on the perfect destination for your upcoming bachelorette party, but nature getaways are probably some of the most unique destinations to spend quality with the bridesmaids.

Whether you’re looking at a destination locally or abroad, the video below gives you an idea of what a wonderful time you can have away from the hustle and bustle of city life!

19. Bachelorette Party Ideas on a Budget

Celebrating the upcoming bachelorette party doesn’t have to cost you and your fellow bridesmaids a fortune. If you thought planning a budget-friendly party meant having less fun with your besties, think again!

Check out the video below for some unique but inexpensive ideas where the result is anything but basic.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties Together

To add to the above, there is now a new trend in pre-wedding parties. And that is combining the bachelor and bachelorette parties together.

This hybrid party can work when both the bride and the groom share the same circle of friends. But then again, it rather goes against the idea of the party being your last night out without your significant other!

Whichever way you decide to go with the party, having fun should be the ultimate goal!

Knowing the difference between a bachelorette party and a bachelor party certainly helps both sides of the wedding party to plan the celebrations and have a truly great time before the actual wedding.

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