difference between wedding shower and engagement party

What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Shower and an Engagement Party?

The months before your wedding are golden opportunities to hold great parties signifying certain events. There are a few different parties that can occur, so what are some of the parties that take place?

Specifically, a wedding shower is typically held and even an engagement party. It’s important to know the difference between a wedding shower and an engagement party.

While wedding showers and engagement parties are for the bride and groom, both are quite different in nature. Wedding showers are a celebration for the bride and groom in starting a home with guests from both sides of the family. Meanwhile, engagement parties are held to celebrate a recent engagement of a couple.

What Is a Wedding Shower?

The wedding is surely a grand event all on its own, but it is usually a very formal affair with a significant focus on the bride and groom obviously.

The parties held prior to the big day really give a more relaxed environment for the couple and some of the guests from both sides of the family to mingle.

In case you’re wondering, there are differences between a wedding shower and a bridal shower. Both terms are sometimes used interchangeably thus adding to the confusion. Therefore, understanding them will help you determine your guest lists more accurately.

Unlike a bridal shower which is exclusively reserved for the bride, the wedding shower is for both the bride and the groom. As such, some may refer to this party also as a couples wedding shower.

As the wedding shower is seen as a joint-party for both the bride and the groom, a family member or a close friend from either side can throw the party. The guest list would logically comprise close friends and family members from both sides.

Wedding showers are primarily held for people closest to the married couple to shower them with gifts typically meant to help start a new home.

While these showers can be in a venue that is upscale, the guests and the couple can enjoy each other’s company with fine dining!

Another variation of the wedding shower can be a casual set up where food is still served, but made by someone in the family. Shower party favors are also typically prepared by the host for the guests.

This picnic scene is cozy, comfortable, and relaxing meaning that everyone invited can blend together in conversation and memory sharing!

Either version is an intimate choice where the overall feeling is special and carefree in nature.

These parties held before the big day are meant to build-up excitement for the guests and couple for the big day. They are small tidbits leading up to the grandest party yet to come!

What Is an Engagement Party?

While this party is held much earlier than 3 months before the actual wedding, it is still a crucial party to have.

Generally speaking, the engagement party should occur up to 3 months after the engagement. Or to keep it simple, it can and should be held as soon as the couple decided to tie the knot.

This thrilling party celebrates the couple’s decision to get married!

Although engagement parties are traditionally hosted by the couple’s parents, nowadays anyone close to the couple can host one.

It is perfectly celebrated by throwing a casual get together with drinks, food, music, etc. All the classic attributes of a party will create an atmosphere suitable for everyone invited!

Speaking of those invited, you should shoot to invite only people you are going to invite to the actual wedding. This serves a meeting point for everyone as usually at the wedding reception they may end up sitting together.

Keeping consistency with the guest list from the very start makes for an easier planning process in the long run.

It would be very impolite to invite someone to the engagement party but not the wedding.

These parties can be held in park pavilions, one of the couple’s house, or even a venue. It truly is up to you on how fancy you want it to be.

Contrary to wedding showers, gifts are not expected. So, this is one aspect the guests to an engagement party do not have to be concerned with. But close family members may consider getting the couple an engagement gift.

The overall important thing is that the party is fun and gives all guests the chance to meet and celebrate with the newly engaged couple!

The casual environment should make for a relaxing time for everyone in attendance.

Wedding Shower and Engagement Party – Celebrate Your Love!

With the party choices available before a wedding (or after an engagement!), the opportunity to celebrate your love is readily available.

This goes for celebration with your loved ones and your significant other and their family. Enjoy these moments and the memories they’ll make!

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