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Cash vs. Check for Wedding Gift (9 Things You Must Consider)

Wedding gifts come in all forms these days and more popularly, cash is requested as well as checks. This type of wedding gift is perfect for those who aren’t particularly keen on going out to look for a gift or aren’t tech-savvy for registries.

But should you give cash or check for a wedding gift?

While checks may seem a bit unconventional, they are still acceptable. Overall, cash is preferred over a physical check. This is especially true for those who set up cash registries online for their wedding. But there are caveats to be aware of when going with either option.

1. Cash or Check – Which Is Best Before the Wedding?

The best choice before the wedding is a check. These can be mailed and are more secure than sending cash in the mail.

Checks are traceable while cash is not. This (and any) wedding gift is special and important, so ensuring it gets to where it is supposed to is critical!

Checks can also be written for any amount at all, so giving more money to the couple is easier than having a larger stack of cash to give them. This makes the physical check more appealing for family members who want to give more than the traditional amount for a wedding gift expense.

2. Cash or Check – Which Is Best During the Wedding Reception?

Cash is better for the reception, but a check may be given as well. Most wedding receptions have cute envelope boxes for the cash or check gifts.

Typically, this type of wedding gift is given in an envelope or greeting card. The boxes protect the gifts as well as make for ease of movement after the event. Everything is contained and orderly making for less stress!

Another way it is collected during the wedding reception is by a member of the wedding party or a family member.

While the boxes are convenient, this method keeps the cash and checks in one place as well. They usually are seated by the entrance to the reception as guests are entering so the envelopes can be collected in a timely manner.

This gives everyone the chance to get to the wedding hall quicker and enjoy the party! It is one less thing to worry about for the wedding couple or the guests!

3. When It is Appropriate to Give Cash?

It seems in modern society more people are asking for money wedding gifts.

These monetary gifts are perfect for enjoying a special honeymoon or adding it to a saving account. It can even be for a new house or home improvement the couple has been wanting to do.

If the couple is directly asking for a gift of cash, it is perfectly acceptable to do so. Some of these methods of giving cash gifts may include online cash registries.

It is also acceptable to gift cash to a newlywed couple if the wedding guest is not an avid shopper. Not everybody is comfortable shopping or tech-savvy to visit registries.

This type of wedding gift ensures they are still showing the couple that they love them and are glad to be attending their ceremony.

4. How Much to Give for a Wedding Gift of Cash?

Giving cash as a wedding gift still classifies under some of the wedding gift rules of thumb. This includes how much to spend but, in this case, applies to how much to give.

This range falls somewhere between $50 to $75 and can be more or less depending on how close someone is to the couple or if they can afford it.

As expressed before, checks are able to be written for higher amounts and can be from certain family members who may want to give a bit more than the traditional range.

5. How to Give Wedding Gifts That Are Cash?

The two basic ways to give wedding cash as a gift is either in an envelope or a wedding card.

Wedding cards are an excellent choice because there are really adorable and beautiful wedding cards out there. It also sufficiently protects the cash.

Some envelopes can be see-through so putting cash in them without a card or even an index card is a bad idea. For cash in an envelope and no card, guests should consider using an index card to block the view of the cash inside.

While the ideas mentioned above work as a quick way to present money gifts, if you have a bit more time on hand and you’re up to some DIY, there are other ways you could explore as well.

Check out the videos below for some creative ways to present cash as wedding gifts that are sure to surprise the wedding couple!

6. How to Give a Check as a Wedding Gift?

If a check is the wedding gift of choice, the way it is packaged is pretty much the same as cash. It should always be placed in an envelope with an index card (and sentiments so the couple knows what it is for!) or a gorgeously decorated wedding card.

Before the check is sent out, it is best to double-check how the bride is being addressed. If it is being sent before the wedding, using her maiden name may be the best.

However, after the wedding may be different if she is changing her last name. It can also be addressed to “Mr & Mrs…” but the bottom line is to ensure that it is properly made out so they can actually cash the check (or deposit it)! (How to write one – source)

After deciding what form the gift should take, consider timing the mailing of the gift.

7. Giving as an Individual vs Giving as a Couple

To make a good impression on the newlyweds, it is important to consider if the wedding gift is being given as an individual or as a couple.

While the amount for most wedding gift expenses around between $50 to $75, this really only applies to individuals giving gifts. If giving as a couple, the amount of the cash or check a wedding gift (or regular wedding gifts) is usually closer to $100, or possibly more.

This is primarily because it sorts of represents a gift from both people in the couple. Giving a gift as a couple also leaves room for splurging a little more on the wedding gift (or cash or check alike) as they can split the overall agreed upon expense.

8. Risks for Either Method

Both methods are great wedding gift options, but both pose risks. If mailing a check or cash it may get lost or stolen in transit.

To avoid that risk, many people may consider bringing the check or cash to the wedding event. While this is a safer option it can still pose some risk.

Most weddings do have the decorative card box for placing the cards and envelopes but not all of them do. If they don’t, it can get a bit tricky. Placing the card or envelope with cash or check on a table may leave it open to be lost in the mix of other gifts.

If mailing, there is insurance that can be purchased on the piece of mail. This makes sure the sender is not out of any money if something happens.

If you’re taking it to the event, it is best to ask if there is a card box at the event. If there is not a card box, placing the card in a wrapped box for the gift table can be an option, or better still, hand it to the wedding couple as they greet you upon arrival.

9. What Are Other Alternatives to These Two Options?

The best alternative to these options to keep things secure is checking for online cash registries. This is an easy way to still give a gift of cash if it is requested.

Another alternative is to buy an actual gift. While this seems like an “easy” option, it is a way to ensure security in the wedding gift-giving process.

Furthermore, buying unique wedding gifts that you could personalize can definitely also show how much you care for the wedding couple’s big day!

For example, you can look into getting household items to help the couple set up their new home. Or, if they are avid tea drinkers, there is no shortage of tea gifts for tea lovers that you could explore.

Teas are some of the most versatile gifts as they come in a huge variety of colors and flavors, and they can just as easily be packaged and presented beautifully to match the occasion!

If you’re an employer, setting aside an appropriate and reasonable budget for buying wedding gifts for an employee shouldn’t be difficult when you consider how close you are to the employee getting married.

The approach of this budgeting can also work for an employee getting wedding gifts for a coworker.

Likewise from the perspective of an employee, knowing how much to spend on a wedding gift for your boss can help you buy the right gift yet stay consistent with the spend of your fellow coworkers.

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