how much to spend on employee wedding gift

How Much to Spend on Employee Wedding Gift In Line With Your Reputation as A Boss?

With the arrival of any news of staff in your company getting hitched, the general feeling among your employees would be one of elation and excitement!

For you, as the boss, the first question you may have in your mind would be how much should you spend on an employee wedding gift?! What is the appropriate amount to not come across as insincere?

Like it or not, from the point of view of the employee getting married there is undeniably an expectation. Especially since you’re the person paying the salary!

Even though it seems more money is being spent on wedding gifts these days, the basic amount for an employee wedding gift is from $25-$75. It is a reasonable amount considering that there are other wedding-related parties which you could be invited to and thus involve further spend.

Rule of Thumb on Employee Wedding Gift Value: Min to Max

Employee and boss relationships really vary company to company. When it comes to wedding gifts, bosses can give employees a gift with this in mind.

The rule of thumb for the cost varies with a general amount from $25 to $75. This is a wedding industry standard and of course, personal budget and overall relationship with the employee should be factored in!

If the relationship is closer than most, then, of course, it is appropriate to spend a little more. The same can be said for those aren’t as close to their employees, less may be spent as well.

Cost Depends on The Gift Type

Wedding gifts can vary from all sorts of items. From household items such as kitchen appliances or home decor to handmade personalized items, the options are bigger than most would think.

Depending on what type of gift the item is will reflect its price. Quality, name-brand items are going to be more expensive whereas lesser-known brands will cost less.

Handmade items will be just as expensive as quality name-brand items as they are crafted by creative-minded people who sell their products online. Online shopping platforms have really blossomed over the years in helping people pick out gifts for people that are simply more memorable than the typical kitchen appliances.

No matter what kind of gift a boss is looking for, there is a website or store for a golden find!

The Closeness of The Relationship to Employee Should be Considered

Some bosses and their employees have close relationships. This usually is a friendly one that extends past the passing “Hello” in the mornings.

They may share stories from their personal lives etc. However, at the end of the day, they are still able to maintain a professional relationship along with their friendship.

When thinking about whether or not to buy a wedding gift for an employee, the closeness of the boss and employee plays a part. Obviously, a closer relationship will warrant buying a gift – as much as the employees would buy a wedding gift for their employer too.

But if the closeness of the boss to the employee is quite sparse and strictly business, then buying a gift may not be necessary.

Attending or Not Attending the Wedding Event

It may not be common for a boss to be invited to the big day, but if they are, it may alter the amount being spent on a gift. This amount can be flexible as it may send a message.

If someone is not invited to the wedding, they may choose to pay a little less for the gift as they aren’t as excited about the event.

On the flip side, they may also spend a little more to make up for not being there. This can be a personal preference overall, but generally, if someone is invited to the wedding, spending more on the wedding gift helps the person giving the gift show the couple his or her excitement for the big day!

Budgeting for Other Employee Gift Spends

Besides employee wedding gifts, it is important to keep in mind that there are other occasions in a calendar year that you may be expected to spend on gifts for your employees.

From annual holidays like the Christmas celebration to annual individual events like staff birthdays, every small amount spent on staff gifts can really add up. And when you factor in the number of staff you have in your employ, you could be looking at spending a sizeable chunk of your annual budget.

Check out this article to find out more what other gift-giving occasions there are for your employees.

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