should I get my mother-in-law a Mother's Day gift

Do You Get Your Mother-in-law a Mother’s Day Gift Since It Isn’t Exactly a Day to Celebrate In-Laws?

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the woman who gave you life, taught you everything you know, and made you into the person you are today. But what about your mother-in-law?

All stereotypical mother-in-law jokes aside, you may wonder if it is appropriate or expected that you get a mother’s day gift for your spouse’s mom, too.

The easy answer is you can never go wrong when giving a simple gift. That old adage that “it’s the thought that counts” rings true in this situation. But a few things regarding your relationship with your mom-in-law need to be considered beforehand.

When deciding what form your gift should take, here are a few things to consider.

How Long Has She Been Your Mother-in-law?

If you are a newlywed, or perhaps about to get married, a gift for your mother-in-law on Mother’s Day can do a lot of heavy lifting toward building your new familial relationship.

While marriage is a union between two people, it also links two families.

One way to show your commitment to this new extended family is to demonstrate your affection for your new mother in law. It’s a nice way to show that you aren’t running away with your new spouse and instead intend to be a full-fledged member of the family.

Do You Want to Give a Gift That’s From Just You?

You might find it awkward to give a gift to your mother-in-law on your own. If that’s the case, talk to your spouse about ways to give a gift together that still reflects a meaningful contribution on your part.

Maybe your spouse can select the gift (after all, they probably know their own mother better than you do) but you can be the one to present the gift. If you’re comfortable, go ahead and give a reasonably-priced gift that’s just from you.

Signing the card or gift tag will require some consideration, as well. If you and your spouse are both giving the gift, be sure to include a message from both of you so that your mother-in-law knows you helped pick out the gift.

If you are giving your mother-in-law a Mother’s Day gift on your own, feel free to put only your name on the card or the tag.

Your spouse will likely give her own mother a Mother’s Day gift, so separate cards from you and your spouse show your separate efforts to celebrate your mother-in-law.

How Well Do You Know Your Mother-in-law?

Some people are very close to their in-laws, truly developing a parental relationship with their spouse’s mother. For others, there will always be some degree of separation in the relationship.

Proximity could be a factor, too. Some people are blessed to live right next door to their mother-in-law, while others may only see them on special occasions.

If you are struggling with ideas for a gift, you may need to turn to others for ideas. Your spouse is the obvious choice here, but your father-in-law or spouse’s siblings may be able to help, too.

You could also ask your own mother what type of gift she would appreciate receiving from her son- or daughter-in-law.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mother-in-law

Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts for your mother-in-law:

  • Wine

If your mother-in-law enjoys a glass of wine, this is a no-brainer. All you have to do is find out some basic preferences. Does she prefer red or white, sweet or dry?

Once you know what type of wine she enjoys, simply turn to your local wine shop for a recommendation that fits your budget.

If she lives somewhere where wine shipments are legal, you could even consider signing her up for a wine club. That’s a Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving!

  • Flowers or House Plants

Gifts don’t need to be extravagant as long as they show you remembered your mother-in-law on a special day. Have flowers delivered to her home or office (joint gift with your spouse) and be sure to find out her favorites.

Another possibility is to throw in some pointed humor. A popular species of indoor succulent is called a “mother-in-law’s tongue.” Find a decorative pot for the pointed plant and she will surely display it proudly.

  • Pictures of Grandchildren

This suggestion obviously requires that you, in fact, have children. If you do, send your mother-in-law a nicely framed photo of her grandchildren for Mother’s Day.

You could also have them include artwork or handwritten notes. This gift relies on the kids to do some of the work, but it also demonstrates that you wanted to send along something special.

  • Recognize a Hobby

If your mother-in-law is involved in some activity or hobby, get them something to help. If she quilts, send her some patterns. If she fixes hotrods, get her tickets to a car show.

You could also find ways to incorporate her hobbies in your house so she feels more at home when she visits. If she is big into birdwatching, for example, get her a bird guidebook for your area so she can keep up with the species where you live.

These types of gifts will show that you know something unique about her.

  • A Date with Your Spouse

Some mothers joke that if they have a daughter, they have her life, but if they have a son, they have him until he finds a wife.

If your mother-in-law is one who feels like they have drifted away from their own child, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to help rebuild that connection.

Arrange a date for your mother-in-law and your spouse so they can spend some quality time together. Buy movie tickets, make dinner reservations, and then offer to make it a regular thing.

Your spouse will probably appreciate the chance to spend Mother’s Day with their own mom, and you will feel good keeping those bonds tight.

  • Smart Display

If your mother-in-law is tech-savvy, a smart display device could be a perfect Mother-Day gift.

Most devices allow video calls so you, your spouse, and your children can virtually visit with your mother-in-law more often. These devices also play music, help with grocery lists, and can control other smart-enabled devices in the home.

  • Gourmet Food or Drink

Depending on how close you are to your in-law, knowing what gifts would suit her best may not be easy.

In such a case, a gift of gourmet food or drink can always work. Try picking out from a selection of tea gifts for moms, or put together a carefully packaged gift basket with gift items and themes that work best for mothers.

Whatever you decide, remember your mother-in-law will probably just appreciate the fact that you think of her as another mother in your own life.

A gift for your mother-in-law on Mother’s Day is a great way to express your gratitude to her for welcoming you into her family. With that sentiment in mind, a personalized card or a quick phone call should accompany your gift so she knows how you feel.

Of course, personally giving the gift when you visit your Mom-in-law on Mother’s Day (if you are) would be the icing on the cake!

And, whatever you do, don’t forget to take care of your own mom on Mother’s Day! She’s someone’s mother-in-law, too.

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