what is an appropriate wedding gift for an employee

Getting Appropriate Wedding Gifts for a Colleague Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

When wedding bells are in the air, it is hard not to sing along! This excitement can be felt by anyone including bosses and coworkers of an employee who is getting married.

However, what is an appropriate wedding gift for an employee or a coworker?

Depending on how close the relationship is, wedding gifts for an employee or a coworker can be a bottle of wine or champagne, food or drink related gifts, personalized gift items, or even household items which are simply appropriate for couples starting a new home.

Types of Appropriate Wedding Gifts

The world of gift-giving has really revolutionized throughout the years. Online shopping has taken a giant leap forward and has really widened the spectrum of gift options. It has also vastly opened up the types of gifts out on the market.

Knowing what type of gift to get can be overwhelming, however, the process doesn’t have to be!

When pondering the gift type, think about what the employee likes or what he or she is in need of.

Try asking if they have a registry as registries are amazing tools that really help those that are trying to pick a gift.

Even asking other coworkers may aid in knowing the things they would want for a wedding gift. This is good for someone who wants to get something for them but may not be especially close to the employee (especially a boss!).

Wedding Gift Ideas for Employees

Some great gift ideas for your employee or a coworker can include the following:

Wedding Gift Cards

These seem impersonal, but if it is a coworker that you aren’t too close to, these can be perfect. They can be for the place where their registry is located to make shopping even easier!

As part of the newlywed starting a new home, household items can be very much appreciated! As candid as this is, asking the employee what he or she needs may just turn out to be the most effective way to ensure your gift is practical.

Consequently, a gift card for a retail store near them would be perfect!

Personalized Wedding Gifts

These types of gifts really bring a smile to the receiver’s face. It can be something with the couple’s name on it.

In the case of wedding gifts between coworkers who know each other well, personalized wedding gifts would be the way to go as it’s a personal way to show how much they care.

On the contrary, for an employer giving wedding gifts to employees, it is best to steer clear of personalized gifts unless of course, the relationship is one of close friends as well.

Food or Drink Related Wedding Gifts

For an employer buying wedding gifts for an employee, trying to understand and buy more personal gifts can be a rather daunting task, especially if their relationship isn’t a close one.

In which case, something thoughtful yet impersonal should do the trick. Getting a gourmet food basket works for almost every situation where the boss doesn’t know the employee well.

Or, if you fancy something out of the ordinary perhaps a selection of artisanal wedding tea gifts can be very creative indeed! Your staff would be more than surprised by such an exquisite choice of gift!

Another example of a simple gift that you can get for your employee or colleague is a cookbook. Even with the internet at our fingertips, cookbooks still have their novelty.

There is something truly special about having a physical book and cooking a homemade meal. This makes a cookbook a great choice as a gift for an employee or a coworker who you know loves to cook!

Of course, a cookbook is only one example of many other wedding gift items that do not have to cost a fortune!

The Closeness of Relationship Between the Boss, the Employee and/or the Coworker

Some people come to work to…well work! Their relationship is not always too close to their fellow coworkers.

Chances are if people know of the wedding, they probably have some sort of relationship with their coworkers. When looking for an appropriate gift, think about how close you are to the coworker.

If the relationship is more than a casual hello, try to find something more elaborate and special to give! The gift should come off as thoughtful and it should bring a smile to their faces!

The employee will appreciate a gift that they know you’ve put some thought into. It will show that you pay attention to their interests and their relationship with their significant other.

If you are not that close to a coworker, but still want to make a nice gesture towards their upcoming big day, it can still be alright to get a gift. The amount being spent however can be considerably lower. It will still come off as something nice for the employee!

Attending the Wedding or Not Attending the Wedding

What to get a coworker for their wedding may depend on whether or not you are invited to the wedding.

If you are not invited to the wedding, it is acceptable to get something slightly cheaper or not quite as personable.

If you are invited to the wedding however, it is crucial to get something a bit more pricey or personalized. This shows your coworker that you are pumped up about attending their big day!

How Much to Spend on Employee Wedding Gift?

The average budget to spend on wedding gifts sits between $25 to $75. This amount fluctuates depending on whether or not it is a friend buying or a family member.

Family members are expected to spend a bit more. But as a coworker, this range is best to work with when buying a gift.

Of course. personal budget and finances will dictate the amount spend as well. But alas, there are really special gifts out there that are also affordable these days!

When deciding what gift to get an employee or your fellow coworker, remember to take these tips into consideration! Additionally, how much a boss should spend on employee wedding gifts would depend on the things discussed in this article.

If you are a boss giving wedding gifts to your employees, you can also consider monetary gifts as employees couldn’t be happier to receive money that they can then decide how to make use of.

But don’t just hand out hard cash as that would be inappropriate. You should consider giving it in cash or check, depending on what’s more appropriate for your situation.

The Question of Appropriateness – What to Avoid?

Even if spending more isn’t an issue, as a boss buying a wedding gift for your employee try keeping the spend to a reasonable amount. Nothing too pricey!

As part of your role managing a team of employees, the last problem you’d want to create in the office is the perception of favoritism (source).

This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re a colleague who happens to be close friends with the person getting married. But then again, expensive gifts are best given privately.

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