how much should a bridesmaid spend on a bridal shower gift

Bridesmaid $Spend on Bridal Shower Gift? (6 Things to Know)

Being selected as a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding is an exciting moment in a girl’s life. Knowing all the ins and outs of the wedding is crucial, especially what is expected of a bridesmaid.

How much a bridesmaid spends on a bridal shower gift is capped at around $75. However, this number can be narrowed down even more.

1. Appropriate Bridal Shower Gift Amount

Typically, bridal shower gift expenses can be somewhere between $50 to $75. This is exclusively for those close to the bride, including the bridesmaid.

Anything below $50 is for those who may not know the bride that well. Bridesmaids are chosen for their relationship to the bride and are usually those who are close friends or family members.

With that said, the bridesmaid should try to buy within that range and if their budget allows, spend a little more if need be.

2. Should You Give a Bridal Shower Gift and a Wedding Gift?

While it seems redundant to buy a secondary gift for the wedding, it is important to know that these are two very different parties.

Bridal showers are special events meant to make the bride feel exceptional. The types of gifts given at the bridal shower include things that help her set up her new life with her significant other.

These gifts can range from household items but can really be a variety of things.

The wedding gift, on the other hand, is a gift meant specifically for the bride and groom to enjoy together. This gift includes the groom in the gift process and helps make him and the significant other feel appreciated.

Yes, the wedding day is the bride’s special day but it is also about the groom! Getting a shower gift and a wedding gift help to celebrate the bride and the groom equally for the big day.

If budgeting is an issue, the bridesmaid should attempt to divide her expenses between both gifts. This elevates any burden on the pocket and makes the whole decision-making process easier.

The bridesmaid shouldn’t feel obligated to spend up to $75 or more for each gift if she can’t afford it. The division of expenses is an easy compromise to still ensure the couple gets excellent gifts!

3. How Much Should a Bridesmaid Spend on a Wedding Gift?

The wedding gift is typically a larger expense as it is something for both the bride and groom to share.

Bridal shower gifts are more exclusive to the bride and spending a little less on it to spend a little more on the larger purchase of a wedding gift may be acceptable.

With that said the average amount for a wedding gift purchased by the wedding party can reach around $125.

If the bridesmaid is on a budget and dividing the gift expenses, perhaps using the $125 to split in half is better for her. This makes the amount around $60 or so for each gift.

Once again, if this is still a bit much, the bridesmaid should get what she can afford. There are plenty of affordable gifts out on the market to consider.

You’d be surprised that with a bit of creativity and a little more research, you may find a gift that you’re happy with while costing less than your budgeted amount!

As a bridesmaid, you can expect to be invited a few pre-wedding parties – there’s the engagement party to add to the bridal shower and wedding which you already need to consider buying gifts for.

Knowing the difference between a bridal shower and an engagement party would be helpful in deciding what gifts to buy, besides other pertinent things worth noting.

4. What is a Good Gift for Bridal Shower?

The greatest tool for guests and the wedding party when shopping for gifts is the registry gift list (source). This list is put together by the bride and groom of all the gifts they’d like to have for their future together.

Traditionally, this list is made at big-box retailers or specialty stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. However, in recent years, the registry gift list is found on many platforms including online websites.

There are even cash registries now for couples who want cash for honeymoons or to spend in other areas of the wedding.

These extensions outside of the typical retail store are really unique and help guests and the wedding party find something absolutely perfect for the couple’s need!

5. How to Wrap Bridal Shower Gifts

Wrapping gifts is either something someone is great at or not very good at.

While using regular wrapping paper is perfect for those who can work magic with their hands and have crisp lines every time, there are other methods that make the process easier!

Some bridal shower gifts can be bulky or large like kitchen appliances or bedding sets. These products could be wrapped with traditional paper, but to wrap them in a breeze (for expert wrappers or novice!), using untraditional items is best.

Below are some of the other materials to consider for wrapping shower gifts:

  • Colorful tulle or tissue paper

These flexible materials are a pretty way to dress up bulky gifts while disguising them. They can be layered with multiple colors to create stunning effects with little to no effort at all!

If tape must be used, use double-sided tape to keep things looking clean. This may be necessary for the base of the tulle or tissue paper if it is an especially large gift.

The gift should be placed in the middle of the tulle or paper, and the tulle or paper brought up around the top of the gift to be tied or secured with ribbon or string.

  • Thick ribbon

For gifts that may have other parts to it that need to be stacked together, thick ribbon packages them up neatly.

Criss-crossing the ribbon and knotting it at the base forms a secure bottom.

Once again, like the tulle or paper, bring the ribbon up around the sides and tie it together. Make sure the ribbon sides are evenly spaced apart.

  • Use fabric

Fabric is a bit more expensive, but is flexible like tulle or paper and conforms easily to odd-shaped boxes.

It can be easily secured using safety pins. Fabric is a reusable and excellent choice as the color schemes and patterns are so diverse.

It can also be dressed up using bows or ribbon to help compliment the patterns or colors of the fabric.

6. Bridal Shower Gifts to Avoid

Not all gift choices are created equally.

Some gifts may seem like a great idea, but it should be remembered that bridal showers have a variety of guests. Aunts, grandmas, mothers, children, etc. may be attending the bridal shower, so things like intimate items should not be bought.

These items may be appropriate for a bachelorette party, but not the bridal shower. They can come off as embarrassing to the bride and those at the party.

FYI – Between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party, it’s more than just the type of gifts that differ!

Another gift to avoid is gift cards. While it may be tempting to buy a gift card for their convenience, they may be looked upon as being impersonal.

They come off as lazy gifts when someone is shopping last minute, especially if you’re a bridesmaid! Unless they are specifically asked for by the couple or bride, they should be avoided at all costs.

Buying a bridal shower gift as a bridesmaid should be an exciting experience! Picking the right gift and seeing the bride open it will make any bridesmaid so happy!

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