how much to spend on an engagement gift

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Gift?

You’ve been invited to an engagement party! These are really exciting events and like most parties, a gift may be expected.

But knowing how much to spend on an engagement gift may be a little tricky when you consider the series of wedding-related parties coming up.

The average amount that is usually spent on these gifts is between $30 to $50 but that amount can vary based on various factors!

How Long Have You Known the Couple and How Close Are You?

As with most wedding gift etiquettes, the amount being spent on a gift (in this case, the engagement gift) is really dependent upon how close to the couple you are and how long you’ve known them.

If they are inviting you to the engagement party chances are you are a family member or close friend. With this in mind, try to achieve the $50 budget.

However, if you’re on a budget, consider the bigger picture that you’ll also be invited to the wedding. This will help pan out the amount being spent as well.

But overall, if it is someone you’re really close to, finding the perfect gift is essential! The thought really does count here and if it is something truly special to the couple, you can count on them appreciating it to the fullest!

How Much Should I Spend on an Engagement Gift?

Engagement parties are a couple’s way to announce their engagement and celebrate their future with close friends and family.

As expressed previously, you will probably be invited to the wedding as well (at least you should be!) and setting and sticking to a budget for both the engagement gift and wedding gift is acceptable.

If your money situation is tight, consider a combined total of between $60 to $90 for both the engagement and wedding gifts – setting aside a little less for the engagement gift and a little more for the wedding gift.

Everyone’s money situation is different so this budget can obviously be adjusted as needed.

Are Engagement Gifts Necessary?

Showing up to any sort of party empty-handed may come off as rude. With a variation in price points, people can feel pressured to present a gift that’s elaborate.

However, don’t fall into this rabbit hole of worry!

Engagement parties are the most casual of all pre-wedding events. It is a get-together to really toast to the newly engaged couple.

A more relaxed environment can really help those gift-giving feel at ease. The purpose of these gifts is to really celebrate the couple’s relationship and what led them to the engagement!

Quick Engagement Gift Ideas

You may be wondering what to bring to an engagement party. But engagement gifts really do not have to be complicated. Generally, they can be personalized gifts or any simple gift item that they can use or consume.

Personalized gifts are perfect for engagement parties because they are intimate to the couple’s relationship and really special to them.

Since the bridal shower or wedding shower already focuses on kitchen items, these would not be appropriate for an engagement gift. An engagement gift can really be memorable and stand out yet affordably priced.

On a side note, you can expect to spend less on an engagement gift than you would on a wedding gift.

Below are some quick engagement gift ideas:

  • Picture Frames – These are so versatile and can be put together with pictures of the couple in a jiffy. They can be digital in this modern age and really be a beautiful display for the couple. This chic take on picture frames makes it stand out over others! However, decorative collage picture frames are popular where the pictures are decoratively arranged together in various shapes. Either one is a great choice!
  • Constellation or Moon Date Gifts – These are increasingly rising in popularity as they are super romantic! The companies that put these together create decorative plaques or jewelry with the date of someone’s choice (in this case, the date of engagement perhaps!) and the constellations or moon phases (source) from that date. This makes for a really memorable gift!
  • Personalized Wine Bottle Labels or Bottles – This is a two-part gift idea! The first part is personalized labels with a saying or date of your choice to put on a bottle of wine (or spirits!). This could be alcohol that is drunk at the party or that the couple drinks on their wedding night or anniversary. The second part of this gift idea is bottle etching. This is a bit pricier but it customizes a bottle with an image from a picture, making it a truly gorgeous and personalized gift!

DIY Engagement Gifts

Some may look at DIY gifts as gifts on a budget, the actual fact is it’s not!

Of course, do-it-yourself can help save a few dollars if that your aim. But there’s something many do-it-yourselfers can attest to and that is that handmade gifts are gifts from the heart!

In a world that places so much value in convenience and instant gratification, the time and effort put into one are worth their weight in gold!

So, if you’re up for a more hands-on engagement gift, check out the video below to get an idea of what’s possible.

If you’re attending an engagement party soon, it’s best to have all the questions about an engagement party answered so you’re well prepared.

Engagement parties are exciting events and celebrating with your friends or family who are newly engaged will be such fun!

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