how much to spend on wedding gift for boss

How Much to Spend on a Wedding Gift for Your Boss?

How much should I spend on a wedding gift for my boss? Would my gift be too cheap or too expensive? These are just some of the questions and doubts that usually pop into your head right after you get invited to a wedding, especially your boss’.

There’s no doubt that deciding how much to spend on wedding gifts can be quite overwhelming. Moreover, when you find yourself in a situation where the bride or groom is the person who happens to be your employer the whole picture can get a little stressful!

As always, keep it simple!

The most reasonable range to aim for is between $50 and $75. But the right message and the thought usually mean more than buying a ridiculously expensive gift that is way beyond what’s comfortable for you.

Wedding Gift for Your Boss – The Rule of Thumb Amount

Selecting the perfect gift is always difficult, especially with all the formal and informal rules out there. When it comes to how much money to spend on a wedding gift for your boss, there is no fixed rule to follow.

That being said, it’s appropriate not to go below $50.

It’s pretty rare to find a situation where you’d have your partner working together with you in the same office. But if you do, the said amount should be increased by approximately 1.5 times, more so if you have a plus-one who would be joining you in attending the wedding.

Conveying the Right Message Matters More Than the Price of Gift

Before selecting the right gift, you should think about the message of your gift and what it conveys about you. It should show that it was chosen out of respect and appreciation.

Try to find a gift that fits within a comfortable budget for your pocket, yet still has a special significance to your boss. If you have no way of being sure what could be of any significance to him or her the safe and easy option, which always works a treat, is food or drink gifts!

Tea wedding gifts make unique and thoughtful gifts, especially if he or she is a tea lover!

Imagine this – the world population is almost split right in the middle where one is either a coffee or a tea drinker (or both in some cases). So chances are you’d find teas to be the perfect gift for the occasion, with the infinite choices of blends, flavors, and colors that they come in!

Remember that it’s not about the price tag – it’s about giving a special acknowledgment to the couple getting married.

Giving the Wedding Gift as an Individual

If you and some (or all) of your co-workers are invited to the wedding, you can always talk with them about the event.

It doesn’t mean you have to start asking inappropriate questions about how much they’re planning to spend. You can start a casual conversation about the wedding and find out what they are planning to buy.

In this way, it will be easier for you to choose a gift that is not too expensive or too cheap. Use it as a guideline, not as a way to get a better gift!

You still want to keep the costs within what you can comfortably afford.

Giving the Wedding Gift as a Group

If you’re working with a fantastic team in your office, it’s a great idea to go in on a group gift with your co-workers.

The best gift your boss can get, besides the one you’re actually going to buy with your colleagues, is knowing that his employees are strong individuals who get along great. If you’re able to work on the wedding gift idea together, it’s a strong and positive message for your boss!

If you’re purchasing as a group, make sure the value of the gift doesn’t exceed $50 x the number of people who are contributing to the group gift.

If indeed you are considering getting a group gift so you can buy a more expensive item, check out these luxury corporate gifts that’d be fitting for the most astute of business owners!

Mistakes to Avoid in Wedding Gifts for Your Boss

Thinking about the right amount of money to spend on a gift can easily become a trap.

If you focus on how to make the gift valuable in terms of its monetary value, there’s every chance you could lose sight of the ultimate aim of a gift – which is to get something thoughtful or meaningful for the recipient!

There isn’t a strict rule that can be applied in every situation and for every wedding celebration. However, base your decision on your knowledge and experience.

Extravagant gifts won’t make you look good if you’re only thinking about getting something in return or if you’re trying to impress and outshine your co-workers.

The same goes for extremely cheap gifts. They can easily carry the wrong message and make you look lazy or indifferent.

Use the questions “How well do I know my boss?” and “Can I really afford it?” as your guidelines rather than thinking about the precise amount of money that you think you should spend.

Another mistake to avoid would be giving money gifts for weddings – whether that’s cash or check. This type of gift from an employee to an employer is inappropriate and is only likely to happen when the gifting is in the opposite direction.

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