should I get my mom a retirement gift

Should I Get My Mom a Retirement Gift

Moms occupy a unique place in their children’s lives. Still, part of Mom’s life is separate – her work.

When you were small, she juggled your needs with her needs to go to work or spend time at home looking after you. Then you grew up, and your relationship changed. Now your Mom has come to another milestone – retirement.

You know she is about to retire from work, and perhaps this thought has crossed your mind – should I get my Mom a retirement gift?

If you do, how much should you spend on the gift?

Gifts represent our love, affection, and relationship with other people. We buy gifts to say you notice, you care, and you treasure that person’s place in your life.

Retirement is a milestone that changes your life, and your Mom is going through that transition from working woman to retired lady. A significant change, like this one, needs all her family’s support and care. One way to show your Mom you care about what happens in her life is to buy or make her a retirement gift.

Work Matters

Work occupies an essential role in everyone’s life in many ways. Work gives you the money you need to feed, clothe, and shelter yourself and your family.

But work is often more than a means to an end; work feeds into a sense of worth and purpose. Work matters to you and your other family, your co-workers.

Stopping work because you are retiring from working life can feel like a loss. Your whole routine stops, you don’t need to get up in the morning, and you don’t need a working wardrobe.

Importantly, you lose daily contact with the people you spend the most time with – your co-workers. You might meet up for the occasional cup of coffee and chat, but it isn’t the same. Your Mom will miss going to work.

Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

Retirement is the gateway to the third age, a time when age gracefully or disgracefully according to personality.

Your Mom may be looking forward to retirement as an opportunity to finally have time to pursue her interests or spend time with her family. Or she may feel some anxiety that this is the end of everything.

Both reactions are natural, even a Mom looking forward to increased leisure tie may feel some nervousness about no work structure in her day.

A thoughtful gift from a close family member helps remind your Mom that there is fun, laughter, and purpose after retirement.

Time for Tea and a Chat

In the weeks before your Mom retires, make time to sit and drink tea and chat about what it means to her. It’s essential to make time to let her know that you understand that everything is changing for her.

Listen to what she has to say; she may have plans or wonder how she is going to fill her free time.

A loving, supportive ear is a beautiful gift by itself, but by talking with and listening to your Mom, you can decide if a surprise retirement party is a good idea and what sort of gift would be welcome from you and the rest of the family.

Retirement Parties

Your Mom may organize her retirement party and may have an event for family and friends or add work friends into the mix. The retirement party for family and friends is where you would give your Mom her retirement gift from you.

Alternatively, you may arrange a surprise retirement party or event as a retirement gift for your Mom. A daytime tea party is a lovely relaxed way to let many people drop in and out to give presents and catch up with your Mom.

A tea party is straightforward to set up and provide small bites for guests to enjoy with plenty of opportunities to take photographs for a retirement scrapbook. A garden tea party on a warm day allows younger family members to enjoy themselves as much as the older.

Alternatively, you could opt for a meal in a restaurant or a spa day for close family members to say welcome to the laid-back world of retirement.

A more energetic Mom might prefer an evening of ten pin bowling or other events as a retirement gift party.

Retirement Gift Ideas

retirement tea gifts for mom

Your Mom is moving into a new stage in her life, give a gift that reflects that transition.

A subscription to a magazine or a set of classes in line with her current or future hobbies may be welcome and long-lasting.

If your Mom intends to go out and see more of the world, then gifts themed around traveling in style and comfort – a travel tea set (from this curated list of tea gifts for retirement), suitcases, or a travel journal are fun and practical.

When you get a retirement gift for your Mom, focus on giving her something charming and in keeping with her new lifestyle.

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