how much should the mother of the groom spend on a bridal shower gift

Mother-of-Groom $Spend on Shower Gift (3 Things to Know)

Whenever a couple is getting married, there’s so much excitement surrounding, especially from their parents! They are finally seeing their children marry their partners and this is always an amazing time for everyone.

Weddings also involve various celebrations and finding the perfect gift is enjoyment all its own. However, when it comes to gifts, just how much should the mother of the groom spend on a bridal shower gift?

The average amount of a bridal shower gift is usually up to $75 or $80. However, parental figures usually spend a bit more than this – above $100.

1. Gift Expense for Mother of the Groom

Bridal shower gift expenses can span anywhere from $25 to $80. This range is dictated by how close the guest is to the bride.

When it comes to family members, this price generally rises. Somewhere closer to $100 or $125 can be customary for parental figures.

This obviously includes the mother of the groom, but once again, it may need to fall within their personal budgets.

Besides the budget, the price of a shower gift from a mother-in-law also very much depends on the type of gift.

Regardless of whether the wedding couple is holding a bridal shower or a wedding shower, how much the mother of the groom spends on a shower gift may not differ much.

As always, use the figures above only as a guide.

2. The Heart Matters More Than the Price

Even with a personal budget in mind, the price is not always a factor. This is especially true for helping a parent give a daughter or daughter in law something from the heart.

The wedding day is very important to the bride and groom but it can be equally as important to the couple’s parents.

Parents have watched their children grow up and seeing them get married is such a treasured moment. Parents want their children’s wedding to be as memorable and beautiful as possible!

When it comes to getting a bridal shower gift, mothers of the groom want to ensure they are really getting a gift that makes the bride feel special.

The bridal shower is a celebration to make the bride feel special and help set up her new home with her future husband. While these gifts usually are kitchen related (source), they can be anything that will assist in making her future home feel like home sweet home!

The gift the mother-in-law chooses should not only reflect the love for her but show how big her heart is for the bride.

Choosing the right gift will be satisfying to the mother-in-law and really put emphasis on the gift being from her heart regardless of the price tag!

3. Types of Gifts: Finding the Perfect Present

The types of gifts that a mother-in-law gives to the bride can include many options. The key to tackling the search for the perfect present is knowing what the daughter or daughter-in-law really needs.

A Gift from the Bridal Registry

Utilizing a bridal gift registry (source) is a great first stop. The gift registry is a list complied with all the things the couple really wants.

This starting point may help direct a mother-in-law to what the bride is truly wanting or needs.

These gift registries are much more than just big-box retailers these days. Online websites even have them in this modern era.

Gift registries typically have things like household appliances but other things like bedroom bedding sets can make an appearance as well. The variety that can be found on these lists is extremely helpful.

Regardless, use these lists as a gateway to gifts! Even if it is from the registry, it can be something from the heart.

A great tip is to include a sentimental note to the bride with the gift. This keeps the gift practical of what the daughter or daughter-in-law needs and also makes it deeply meaningful to the bride.

Seeing the excitement on the bride’s face after getting something she requested and reading the note is truly priceless to the parental figures.

Considering how special the marriage of the bride and groom is to the parents, helping them celebrate is remarkable!

Other Sources of Bridal Shower Gift Inspirations

You do not have to limit yourself to only the online wedding registry as it’s the same list of gift preferences that other wedding guests would have access to as well.

As a parental figure to the newlywed couple, you may choose to give something a little more unique – maybe even something that the couple hasn’t thought of.

It’s a great opportunity to surprise them!

One thing you could do is to consult the mother of the bride about types of gifts that the bride would enjoy. Of all the female members of the family, the mother of the bride would probably be the person who understands the bride the best!

Another source of a potentially great shower gift for the bride is to tap into your past experience as a newlywed woman. What would perhaps be a fun and delightful gift to receive?

There are definitely more ways than one to come up with thoughtful shower gift ideas that your daughter-in-law would be more than happy to receive.

It’ll be helpful to remind yourself that this is a bridal shower gift. You may already be considering something else for a wedding gift which you’d want to spend more on.

On top of that, the engagement party is another event that you may want to buy a gift for your daughter-in-law in addition to the shower gift.

You can watch the below where a bride-to-be shows off the shower gifts she received from her mother and mother-in-law. Just to get some ideas…

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